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Prom 1982

Help Ralph Wirth gather images for our 40th reunion slide show and other displays.

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Welcome Class of 1982

We are currently trying to gather contact information for our fellow classmates. We have data on some students from around the years 2000-2001 from the high school but many have changed locations since that time. To help us contact you for the upcoming 40th reunion please click on this mailing list link and enter your updated contact information. We will also try to contact those of you on Facebook and spread the word to get people to enter their contact information for future mailers or group e-mails with reunion information.


We can't find these Alumni??Mailing List


I threw this web site together back in 2010 to allow fellow classmates access to the yearbooks I have been able to scan and upload for you to view. Now we are going to use it as a place where non-Facebook users can enter their contact information and not have any fears that it will be used inappropriately. It's a quickie job for now but I will update it in my spare time and add more content as I can. I will make it "prettier" in the future too. ;-)


There is also a Facebook group I started in which we are discussing the 40-year reunion and I encourage you to join the group I and I will send approvals.


Join the group and find out the latest information.


Donations Needed for Door Prizes!

We need donations of Door Prizes for door prizes or raffles to be held at the reunion this summer. Lesley Johnson has agreed to be in charge of the door prizes so please contact her through the Facebook group page or e-mail her at donations@beavercreek1982.org.